Protech Direct Pest Control


Protech Direct Pest Control are a leading provider of pest control in industrial premises. We work with many industries to ensure that business or organisations remain unaffected by unwanted pest problems.

Whether you need a one off treatment or need a regular service agreement Protech Direct Pest Control can help. Our experienced technicians will tailor the service to your specific needs which we will identify after a thorough survey of your site or premises. By providing a targeted and cost effective programme for your pest problem we ensure you receive a swift, efficient and cost effective service that will keep your business or organisation free from the threat of pest problems.

Protech Direct Pest Control service level agreement will include thorough inspections, the use of baits, traps and monitors. We use a select group of low risk pesticides only when needed and applied in a manner that minimises exposure to people, animals and the environment. Our technicians are fully trained and insured.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.