Protech Direct Pest Control


All commercial premises around the country are at risk of pest infestation. Protech Direct Pest Control have products and services to deal with almost every situation.

Not all premises will have problems with pest infestation but will still have contracts with Protech Direct Pest Control and have service level agreements and regular treatments to ensure they remain pest free.

There are numerous products available (fly screens, rat bait stations, fly control units, bird proofing etc.) which Protech Direct Pest Control can supply and maintain throughout your contract.

Pests have the potential to contaminate the work environment, spread disease, damage products and property and even damage a company’s reputation leading to potential loss of business or even prosecution. So if you have a pest problem or work in an environment attractive to pests then it is essential to have a provision in place to protect yourself and customers. Pest problems are best managed on a regular basis before reaching a crisis level.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.